Management Contacts


Main Office Phone: (703) 569-5797. This is the number that should be used after business hours. Select the option to be redirected to the emergency answering service.

Online: cardinalmanagementgroup.com. Residents can email Cardinal directly from this website or make payments online. Learn more about Cardinal Management Group and the Principals. This is also where Resale and Re-financing documents are ordered.

Emergency: 911


Association Manager: Kimberly Miller

Phone: 703-565-5310

Fax: (703) 866-3156

Email: k.miller@cardinalmanagementgroup.com

  • Advise and provide administrative, managerial, and operational counsel to the association governing body
  • Exhibit professionalism and loyalty to the principals (the Board)
  • Exercise diligence in performing duties on the principals’ behalf
  • Account for financial activities covered by the Management Agreement
  • Perform onsite property inspections
  • Solicit and evaluate bids for association services
  • Supervise maintenance activities and contractor performance
  • Oversee and authorize payment for primary association services
  • Know and abide Bylaws, recognizing the State agency that supervises the community associations
Management Assistant: Nicole Tavano

Phone: (703) 565-5007

Fax: (703) 866-3156

Email:  n.tavano@cardinalmanagementgroup.com 

For questions related to covenant enforcement, pool passes, resale and re-financing documents, etc. Nicole is the contact for Architectural Request Applications and processing, and for changing mailing addresses or updating any other account information (new tenants, etc.). Nicole also assists with any requests in the community manager’s absence.

Accounting Representative: Eileen Martinez

Phone: (703) 565-5257

Fax: (703) 866-3156

Email: e.martinez@cardinalmanagementgroup.com

Marissa can assist with questions regarding your account, and set up Direct Debit for automatic payment of your assessments. You can also enroll in Direct Debit or make a one-time online payment at https://www.cardinalmanagementgroup.com/make-payments.

Mailing Address for payments ONLY: Grove at Huntley Meadows, c/o Cardinal Management Group, Inc., PO Box 52358, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2358

Should you misplace your payment coupons, you may send your payments directly to this address with your account number on the check. Do not send any other correspondence with your payments to the P.O. Box, as it is a lock box and Cardinal Management Group is not guaranteed to receive the correspondence unless it is mailed directly to their office.