Architectural Review

Chair: David Petrie

The Architectural Review Committee folder is your place for information concerning any exterior modifications to your home. To apply for an architectural change, please download and fill out the Architectural Improvement Request [PDF] form, and send it to Nicole Tavano at Cardinal Management Group at n.tavano@cardinalmanagementgroup.com. If you have further questions, she can walk you through the process. If you have questions on what kinds of modifications are possible, wish to check on the status of your application, or volunteer to help them out, you may contact Nicole or the Architectural Review Committee at arc.gathm@gmail.com.


Chair: Vacant

This committee is inactive as it has no members. If you’re interested in serving on this committee, contact the Treasurer at treasurer.gathm@gmail.com. We would use the Budget Committee to assist in preparing the annual budget, monitoring adherence to the current budget, and assisting the Treasurer as necessary.


Chair: Hayley Holser-Green

The Communications Committee publishes the HOA community newsletter. This committee also sells the advertising that appears in the newsletter. You can access the Newsletter Advertising Agreement [PDF] form directly on our website. They also provide materials for this web site, and publicize upcoming events, using signs, mailings, etc. If you are interested in joining the committee or have any questions, contact them at communication.gathm@gmail.com.



Chair: Gary Kosciusko

The Covenants Committee is charged with monitoring the neighborhood to help the Board of Directors in maintaining the standards of order and cleanliness we all agreed to when we moved in. If you have any questions for the committee, or are interested in volunteering, you may contact the committee at covenants.gathm@gmail.com.


Chair: Vacant

The Landscape Committee is very important in maintaining the beautiful appearance of our neighborhood. They review existing landscaping efforts, plan new projects, and help the Board determine how to allocate funds. If you have any questions, suggestions for new projects, or would like to volunteer, please contact the management company by clicking Management Contacts in the menu above.

Neighborhood Watch

Chair: Clancy Preston

Join your neighbors and help keep crime out of the Grove! Be a part of the Neighborhood Watch, and learn what you can do to protect yourself and your neighbors. If you’d like to volunteer to be a part of the Neighborhood Watch, or would like to be included on periodic reports from them, contact them at neighborhoodwatch.gathm@gmail.com.

Parking & Safety

Chair: Vacant

This committee is currently unmanned. If you’re interested in getting it started again, please contact the management company by clicking Management Contacts in the menu above. The Parking and Safety Committee monitors parking issues and identifies potential problem areas around the community. They recommend solutions to these problems, and work with the Board to keep our residents safe.


Chair: Celina Ketelsen

For more information, please contact pool.gathm@gmail.com.


Chair: Vacant

The Social Committee plans and executes all of the social activities within The Grove at Huntley Meadows. These include the Easter Egg Hunt, the Block Parties, Community Socials, Fall Parade, and more. If you have any questions for the Social Committee, or are interested in volunteering, please contact social.gathm@gmail.com.