2020 Pool Season Information

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20 May 2020

Dear Grove at Huntley Meadow Owners/Renters,

The Board of Directors at the Grove would like to provide you with an update on the pool for the 2020 season. In conjunction with guidelines from the Governor, advice from legal counsel and our management company, and information from the major pool companies, we now have a better understanding of the requirements for the possibility of opening the pool this year.

The state has imposed restrictions on the use of pools during reopening.  Initially, pools will be open for lap swimming only, with swim lanes required, and only one person per lane. There will be no recreational use of swim toys, flotation devices, or floats, and there will be a limit of ten people on the pool deck at any time with social distancing required. Masks will be required when on the pool deck. However, as of today, the visa program that staffs the majority of our lifeguards from overseas has been halted. Also halted are Red Cross lifeguard classes due to the requirements of social distancing.  For these reasons, our pool company is expecting a staffing delay into July, with no guarantee of a start date.

Should the pool open, it is very likely that a reservation system would be initiated, along with a time limit, and decreased pool hours.  No guests other than residents and no parties would be allowed. Pool furniture would not be used as it would require staff to sanitize the chairs after every use. The Association would need to hire a cleaning staff to clean the bathrooms every 2 hours as the pool companies have notified us that they are unable to offer sanitization services as part of their contact.

If/when the visa system is re-activated, those arriving from Europe would be required to observe a 14-day quarantine at the beginning and end of their visit. The pool season would not be extended past Labor Day, as it is unlikely that enough guards can be hired to fully staff each pool.

These are some of the issues the Board is wrestling with before a decision can be made to open the pool.  Again, with the recent news and information from the service providers, there is no possibility that the pool could open in June, however a mid-July opening could be possible. The pool pass process is on hold for now but will be reactivated as soon as we hear anything positive.  On the bright side, the pool has been treated and will be ready when the day hopefully comes that we can open it.

We are sorry this is happening and honestly have no desire to inconvenience you beyond what you have endured during this pandemic.  We also understand all the kiddos are excited for summer and the pool to open.  Several members of the Board are avid pool goers themselves!  While we understand these recent guidelines are very sobering and probably not what you wanted to hear, the Board will continue to issue guidelines based on state guidance, the advice of legal counsel and our management company, and information from High Sierra Pools.  If the pool can safely open we want to make it happen! Another update will be sent out as more information becomes available.  Please stay safe and have a wonderful Memorial Day!!

Thank you,

The Board at The Grove at Huntley Meadows