How can I report a streetlight outage?

The streetlights on Lindberg Drive are owned by Fairfax County and maintained by Dominion Virginia Power.  Streetlights on streets other than Lindberg Drive are owned and maintained by our Homeowner's Association.

Lindberg Drive streetlight outages:

Homeowners may report a Lindberg Drive streetlight outage by contacting Dominion Virginia Power at 1-866-DOM-HELP (366-4357), TTY 711.

When reporting an outage, you will need to have the location of the pole and the pole number. 

Reference this information below:

Nearest Address / Pole Number

  •  7504 Lindberg C0912SC8300
  •  7510 Lindberg C0912SC6900
  •  7516 Lindberg C0912SB6700
  •  7522 Lindberg C0912SB5600
  •  7528 Lindberg C0912SB4200
  •  7534 Lindberg C0912SA4900
  •  7540 Lindberg C0912SA5600
  •  7544 Lindberg C0912SA6400
  •  7551 Lindberg C0911SP7900
  •  7551 Lindberg C0911SO8700 *at the stream crossing location
  •  7567 Lindberg C0911SO7300
  •  7571 Lindberg C0911SN7900
  •  7579 Lindberg C0911SN6600
  •  7586 Lindberg C0911SN3400
  •  7590 Lindberg C0911SN0500

If further work is required to correct the problem, a color-coded tag is wrapped around the light post: blue (overhead repair is required), green (underground repair is necessary) and yellow (underground cable is damaged and needs repair).

Complete information on reporting can be found at:

Other than Lindberg Drive streetlight outages:

Report outages to Cardinal Management.

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