How can I fix my "Grove" yard light?

Disclaimer: Please use extreme caution at all times when following these instructions. This checklist is intended as a helpful tool and should not be considered perfect or an all inclusive list.

  1. Change the light bulbs. The proper style for these yard lights is a candelabra light bulb.
  2. Reset your GFI outlet. In some of the models this outlet is located in the garage on the back wall or inside the utility closet. If there is electricity at the outlet the yellow light will be OFF. If there is no electricity the yellow light will be ON.

    To reset the GFI outlet, press the TEST button and then the RESET button.
  3. Check the Photo Cell. Check the photo cell by covering the photo cell shown in the photo to the right for 2-3 minutes (this simulates night when the lights should come on). If the lights don’t come on then you need to replace the photo cell. Please note if your light doesn’t go off during the day you need a new photo cell as well.
  4. Purchase New Photo Cell. We found one available online at Home Depot for about $10.00.

    You will need
    • New Photo Cell
    • New Wire Nuts
    • Phillips head screw driver
  5. Replace Photo Cell.
    1. Turn off power at GFI by pressing the test button on the GFI. (The yellow light should be on)
    2. Remove the three screws at the top of the pole.
    3. Grasp the base of the light and gently twist trying to free the light fixture from the pole.
    4. Inside the pole you will see 4 sets of wires.
      • Two copper wires coupled together (pole to light)
      • Two black wires coupled together (pole to photo cell)
      • One black and one red wire coupled together (photo cell to light)
      • And three white wires coupled together (pole, photo cell & light)
    5. Disconnect all of the wire nuts from the wires.
    6. Remove old photo cell & replace with new one.
    7. Reconnect wires with new wire nuts.
    8. Reinsert light fixture onto pole and replace screws.
    9. Turn on power at GFI by pressing the reset button. (The yellow light should be off now).
    10. Check the photo cell by covering it for 2-3 minutes to see if the lights will come on.
  6. Contact an Electrician. If problems persist contact a professional electrician.
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